Turkey, Russia and an Assassination: The Swirling Crises, Explained

The assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey is one of the most politically significant attacks in Turkey’s escalating violence in recent years. Since 2015, more than 380 people have been killed in major attacks throughout the country. So far, both countries are working to manage the situation and sending signals of cooperation. The reason is Syria. In the past few months, Turkey and Russia have taken pains to line up their once-conflicting strategies there. Continue reading →

Erdogan Meets Putin as Coup Attempt Spurs Reconciliation

On his first overseas trip since the failed putsch and subsequent crackdown, Erdogan is scheduled to hold talks with President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg. The meeting comes nearly nine months after Russia’s leader called Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border a “stab in the back” and imposed a series of punitive sanctions. Continue reading →